IT Enabled Services

IT Enabled Services


Information Technology that enables the business by improving the quality of service is IT enabled services. ITES is the acronym for the term “IT Enabled services”. Essentially, IT enabled service has the following structure:


IT Enabled Services


The most important aspect is the Value addition of IT enabled service. The value addition could be in the form of - Customer relationship management ,improverd database, improved look and feel, etc. The outcome of an IT enabled service is in the two forms:

  • Direct Improved Service
  • Indirect Benefits.

Whereas direct benefits can be realised immediately, indirect benefits can accrue over a period of time, and can be harnessed very effectively, if planned well upfront.


What is IT enabled Services?

IT Enabled services (ITES), also called web enabled services or remote services or Tele-working, covers the entire gamut of operations which exploit Information Technology for improving efficiency of an organization. These services provide a wide range of career options that include opportunities in call Centres, medical transcription, medical billing and coding, back office operations, revenue claims processing, legal databases, content development, payrolls, logistics management ,GIS (Geographical Information System), HR services, web services etc.


What is the Key IT enabled Services?

The key IT enabled services are:

  • Call Centers
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Medical Transcription
  • Data Centers
  • GIS Mapping
  • Portals
  • ERP( Enterprise Resource Planning )
  • Knowledge Management & Archiving.


Technologies involved

For each service there are two types of technologies involved:

  • Enabling technology
  • Communication.

The enabling technologies are those technologies which allow the IT enablement. For e.g. in the call centres they are – CTI (Computer telephony integration), CRM( Customer Relationship Management ),etc. The communications allows the IT service to be delivered through a new channel - Telephone, IP, VoiP (Voice over IP: Voice over Internet Protocol), Satellite based transmission, etc.


The combination of the correct technology and the communication channel brings about very high degrees of improvement in the service quality.


The Deployment Issues

Whearas the growth is high, and the prospects are enarmous, there are many deploymant issues for stablishment of IT enabled services.

  • High Capital Investments
  • High Volume Transactions
  • Continous Business Availablity
  • Time Turnaround
  • High Communications cost
  • Lack of trained and reliable resources
  • Role model/Guide or Help to start-ups.


Possible SME implementation of IT enabled services

Some of the possible implementation of IT enabled services in SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprises) are:

  • Joint Marketing Programs
  • Common Helpdesk
  • Portal for Electronic distribution
  • Telemarketing
  • Directory Enquiry system.


Favoured Application Areas

The favoured application areas are areas where there is huge amount of data that needs to be processed and utilised for delivering the results, or the data is the outcome of the service. In all cases, without use օf IT the task would otherwise be unmanagable. Some of the most important areas where IT enabled services can be deployed are:

  • Telemarketing
  • Helpdesk
  • Customer Support Centres
  • Data Ware House
  • Transcription Centres
  • GIS Mapping for Transport tracking
  • Electronic Distribution.

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